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Anti Climax after 30 years

So it is all over, Liverpool are premier league champions. It is a very strange thing. Kenny Daglish said that if someone told him when he was manager and they last won it, that they would go 30 years before they won it again, the person would have been certified.

I had the misfortune of starting to support them the year after they last won it. So while there have been some incredible moments during those 30 years it feels like a relief now that Liverpool have won what they most wanted to win. Relief in general is the overriding feeling for me this week.

Most people would say this premier league win means more than the two champions league that liverpool won in between. I feel the same. However it is hard to say that this is more enjoyable than 2005, maybe as satisfying and more meaningful than the 2005 champions league win but not as enjoyable. Istanbul will always stand out in my head and the treble under Houllier also.

Those liverpool teams, I would argue were more enjoyable to watch in general. Perhaps less slick, but they were less controlled and focused. That made them, more unpredictable and that was part of the appeal I guess.

The likes of Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and the spice boys have been resigned to history but now that Liverpool have finally won the league I feel like I can enjoy those memories more and it feels like it balances that lack of success out.

The reality is that it is probably quite boring watching the team that wins all the time and that is probably what has kept we interested over the years as a liverpool fan. It was never dull, apart from now arguably.

Liverpool have ended the 30 year wait in the most boring way possible. After being 20 plus points ahead of second place, they were forced to endure the lockdown break and then were not even on the pitch when they won the title as had to wait for Man City to lose.

Finally we cant celebrate properly as we are still house bound. Is that some kind of sick irony or is that the only way it could have been. Liverpool never seem to be able to do it easy.

In the past people might have thought it was something they do themselves but really they left nothing to chance this year and really shed that inconsistent tag they had developed but fate intervened to delay things and put it in doubt so perhaps it is just fate. Perhaps this is in liverpools DNA, never walking alone but always through the wind and rain to sunshine. My feeling is that this sunshine will last for a while despite this lockdown but will see.

I’ll probably hang up my supporters hat now for a while but will watch over the next few years to see how the ‘kloppites’ develop. If they manage to follow success with success great, but equally would be happy if some other team comes along and has success as it is good to share it around.