Slugs to This

I’m trying to learn how to do a bit of gardening. I have been picking up a few bits and pieces for a while now and have figured that although it can be enjoyable there are also a fair few challenges. One is Slugs.

I have quite a collection of slugs at the minute. They love my small patch of garden. God bless them, they are not mans favorite being in the sense that they are messy (they leave a trail), eat your plants and invade your space. I’m worried about the eating my plants part primarily and have been looking for solutions to the problem.

You can exterminate them. One solution is to put a bowl of beer in the back garden. The poor snails like a drink as much as anyone but unfortunately they can get a bit greedy for it and headless, they tend to get drunk and drown in their beer bath. There are a variety of chemicals which I’m sure you can use also but alas as a lover of all creatures great and small, I don’t want to kill them.

My dad is a good gardener and I think he suggested salt so I have tried that – jury is out on that one. I have also been told that egg shells are quite good in that they are good for the soil anyway and the ragged bits irritate the snails enough to keep them away – I don’t want to hurt them but it is less cruel than killing them I suppose.

One really good suggestion I saw is to relocate them. You can do this by picking them up one by one but a better suggestion is to turn pots on their side or slightly upside down. Snails like dark places – I guess the sun dries them out. I discover this myself accidentally recently but it didn’t occur to me to relocate them at the time. I’ve tried it again since and they don’t seem to repeat what happened accidentally. I’m guessing its because its not quite as sunny now as we leave winter. Maybe I’ll try it again next summer!