What to do with old Candles

IMG_20140926_184247Candles are great. Particularly moving into the darker months, they can positively affect peoples moods. Their original purpose was to provide light and scented ones are quite popular now also.

I go through a fair few each year and have discovered there is a lot of waste in terms of the amount of wax and sometimes jars that are left over. I don’t like throwing out so instead I try to recycle them. A few small ideas follow.

You can order the wicks online together with the silver disks that are used to anchor the wick. They are not expensive, I think I paid about 3 pounds for a set with p&p this might have been around 5 altogether.  Then all you need is the wax and since we are recycling that’s not a problem.

I tried putting all the left over wax into the oven and then heated the candles up so that they could be reused but I discovered this to be a bit messy and if the candles are scented, lets just say your dinners could be smelling of roses.

You also have to be careful not to put the temperature up too high as glass could shatter and break. Then your oven would smell of roses! You can get candle warmers online and I believe them to not be very expensive – this is probably a better and more foolhardy approach.

You can also try melting the candles in hot water – I haven’t tried this approach but might in the future.  I discovered an easy way instead though is that you can just wait for your candles to stop burning and provided your quick – you can pour in the leftover wax before it hardens.

As is said back home in Ireland:

An té nach bhfuil láidir ní folair dó a bheith glic.

The man who is not strong needs to be clever, enjoy your candles!