Kenny Daglish for Taoiseach

I hate to say it but I think one of the most important jobs for a football managers is in getting the media and its fans behind him.

That’s the difference between Liverpools Kenny Daglish and those who came before him (or rather between him). The media seem to be in his pocket in the same way that Alex Ferguson has had the media in his for the last 10 years.

And the fans seem to have so much faith in him. I read somewhere once that losing under Daglish is better than with Roy. Its kind of true.

When the fans are behind you and the media print good things about you it does seem to inspire teams to greater level of confidence and I think thats what you are seeing right now with Liverpool.

Daglish does have the same way about him as Ferguson. A hint of fierce with a dash of friendly and a few stupid jokes thrown in for good measure.

I think Ireland needs somebody with that kind presence at the moment as its leader. For what its worth I think Brian Cowen was a good politician but unfairly perhaps he didnt have the face and the charisma to get people onside.

I’d imagine,  it is very hard to be successful as a manager of anything if you dont have everyone onside. One of the first things that Kenny Daglish said when he took over at Liverpool was that everyone needed to pull together and he has got people doing this.

I think sadly for Ireland Michael Martin would have done a better job at this than Enda Kenny or Eamon Gilmore, but really I think if we had trusted Brian Cowen a bit more he would put us on the straight and narrow again.

Anyway, I don’t like Enda Kenny or FG for that matter, I think there is bad odour of hypocrisy around them and I also think while they didn’t cause the recession in Ireland they added the flames to it and have might it going. Little things like Simon Covney tweeting about Brian Cowen being drunk got international recognition everywhere and hurt the countries image.

All said and done, everyone should start pulling together now and have a little faith in themselves and others. I am hoping for that anyway.