When your 3ds freezes

I bought my 3ds about 5 years ago when I first moved to London.

Unfortunately I thought it had cooked it today when after searching high and low for it, Lex found it in the freezer! Amazingly it survived 24 hours at sub zero conditions.

I put it up on the radiator to taw it out and let it dry. I then googled ‘frozen 3ds’ to see if anyone else experienced the same thing and to see if I could find a prognosis. Then I have to admit I was surprised when I powered it on that it still worked!

I bought it from game around Oxford Street – which is one of the busiest shopping streets in world. It has been a great companion to me and has seen me through tick and thin. I feel it’s one big sign of wear and tear – it’s crack on the top right is a testament to what we have been through together.

For those who don’t know – a 3ds is the latest in the line of Nintendo handheld consoles which originated with game boy (or at least became famous). The switch is out now and is also portable and I’m planning on getting one of those at some stage but I still feel a connection and strong bond to my 3ds.

I bought mario kart first, then street fighter. I really got a lot of value from mario kart and played street fighter a little also. Then – I don’t know the exact order but I think it is…I got ocarina of time which is my favourite game of them all. Followed by majoras mask and possibly lylat wars. I got a link to the past and new super mario bros.

Lately, I have gotten into the virtual console which is all the old Nintendo games rereleased.

I was half way through Zelda links awakening, so am happy that i’ll get to finish that out! Nintendo games age so well.

So if you have frozen your 3ds and are wondering the chances of it working again then know that it did for me! I would leave it thaw out well though before switching it on and make sure water has evaporated.

My best of XBox 360

So here is my review of Xbox 360 so far.

Gears of War(1 & 2) and Batman Arkam Asylum(did I spell that right?)  were so good.

Also loved Fifa 10 and 11. Halo 3, ODST and Reach were a bit disappointing but still good.

Never got into GTA, enjoyed the Co-op in Resident Evil with my brother but didnt think it really brought the series along from Resident Evil 4.

Mass Effect 2 was really good aswell even if I only got half way, my Xbox broke and never got back into after that. Orange Box was fun aswell and probably the best value at time of release.

Really liked art style in Street fighter four and is as playable as eva.

So my favorite? Assassins Creed II or  Bioshock 1/2. The control system in Assassins Creed, a bit like Batman was perfect and the story telling and atmosphere in Bioshock was definitely UNREAL.

Overall I think XBox is great except for the issue with overheating. Dont thank MS for being on my third Xbox. (Should be called ‘Xbox about 290’ because your Xbox is probably gonna break at least once a year.)