Top 10 games

It is difficult to come up with a top 10 list of anything.

For a start no two people will agree on these things. With video games there are so many it is impossible that everyone will have played all the best games.

I also find that my list changes over time, a lot of the time depending on mood.

Then, what does it mean to say best – how are you judging? With games, best gameplay, best graphics or most ground breaking. Most lists are a combination of these.

So instead of going for best – I’ll go for my favourite right now at this moment in time. The list is pretty nostalgic and I guess is in order of my attachment to them. It might be different this time next year.

Here is 20 while I’m at it. I did not give great thought to the order, particularly as I went further down.

The only series to appear twice are Zelda and Halo. In general I just went for my favourite in a series.

  1. Zelda Ocarina of time
  2. Goldeneye
  3. Halo 2
  4. Metal Gear Solid
  5. Half Life
  6. Resident Evil 2
  7. Tekken 3
  8. Mario 64
  9. Metroid Prime
  10. Banjo Kazooie
  11. Mario Kart 8
  12. Street Fighter 4
  13. Devil May Cry
  14. Gears of War
  15. Wind Waker
  16. Halo
  17. Monkey Island
  18. Lylat wars
  19. Crazy taxi
  20. Fifa 11
  21. Shenmue

Updated – forgot metroid prime

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